Size: 60ml Bottle in a Can
Nicotine: 3mg / 35mg (SALTS)

GREEN LIME: Lemon-lime soda in vape form. A sweet and sour e-juice with lime taking the centerstage.
PURPLE GRAPE: Candy purple grape, wild raspberries, and sweet soda. A refreshing e-juice for those who love grape drinks.
ORANGE PEACH: Orange soda with a hint of peach. A tasty sparkling e-juice that’ll leave you wanting more.
PINK SODA: A sparkling splash of fruits, accented with delectable notes of vanilla and cream in pure pink soda perfection.
BLUE RASPBERRY: Blue raspberry soda bursting with fizzy fruit goodness, and refreshing ripe raspberries
GOLDEN PINEAPPLE: Crisp and juicy fresh pineapples, blended with exotic fruits and fresh zesty orange.
RAINBOW PUNCH: Pineapple juice, ripe raspberries, fresh strawberries, slices of orange, fuji apple, lemon extract.


APPLE PEACH: Tart green apples and luscious fresh peaches blended together with a sparkling candy note.
GRAPEFRUIT ORANGE: Tangy fresh grapefruit and zesty blood oranges twisted together for pure citrus magic.
RASPBERRY WATERMELON: Sour candied blue raspberries twisted up with juicy watermelons for a blend that will surely twist your tastebuds!