Nomenon (Full Line)

////Nomenon (Full Line)

Nomenon (Full Line)


Bottle Size: 120ml
Nicotine: 3mg

Blunomenon: Blue raspberry hard candy
Grapenomenon: Crunchy, sweet and sour, hard candy with a lot of grape
Lemonomenon: A fresh take on an olde lemon classic!
NomsX2: Cactus and jackfruit with the citrus of mandarin orange.
Stranomenon: Hard strawberry candy shells filled with sweet gooey centers.
Watanomenon: A Juicy Watermelon hard candy with a twist of sweet gum.

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Blunomenon, Grapenomenon, Lemonomenon, NomsX2, Stranomenon, Watanomenon


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