USONICIG RHYTHM Ultrasonic Pod is the first atomizer that uses ultrasonic technology to convent e-liquid into vapor. USONICIG RHYTHM Atomizer has no coil to heat, therefore you needn’t to worry about dry hits, burnt taste and harmful chemical emissions anymore. With the ceramic chip inside, high frequency vibration hits e-liquid thoroughly into tiny molecules to provide the purest and smoothest flavor.RHYTHM Pod adopts the new cross airflow system that overturns the traditional airflow system so as to absolutely avoids crackling. Designed in square tank shape, it has two top filling slots for e-juice feeding and you can easily rotate the mouthpiece to reveal them.
1. Ceramic chip with high frequency vibration to hit e-liquid into tiny molecules
2. Coil-free structure, no dry hits, burnt taste and harmful chemical emissions
3. New cross airflow system absolutely avoids crackling
4. Perfect square tank shape
5. Leaking-free top feeding design and self-cleaning function