Vivant Alternate Portable Vaporizer

The Vivant Alternate is an ultra-compact pocket vape featuring a powerful mix of convection and conduction heating, diffused heat jets with adjustable airflow, precision temperature control, a removable battery and much more!

The Alternate vaporizer by Vivant is a convection and conduction hybrid that provides the best of both heating styles: top notch flavor and vapor production paired with solid battery life. The Alternate’s hybrid heating chamber features eight diffused heating jets resulting in thorough, uniform extraction without the need to stir. In addition to dry material vaporization, a stainless steel mesh pad is included for concentrate use. Whether you prefer an open flow for cooler vapor or a tighter flow for thicker vapor the Alternate’s fully adjustable airflow has you covered. The crisp, clear OLED display offers precision temperature control down to the digit and also displays remaining battery life. The Vivant Alternate is powered by an easily removable and replaceable high-output 18650 battery capable of heating the unit in roughly 60 seconds. An incredibly wide temperature range of 158°- 428°F is accessible through the controls on the base of the unit; when the set temperature is reached the Alternate beeps and the front LED goes green to let you know you’re ready to vape. The Alternate charges via standard USB that can also be used for firmware updates, an extremely rare feature allowing hassle-free future upgrades. The Vivant Alternate also includes a modular grinder that doubles as a loader and a chamber tool integrated into the unit for quick and easy unloading!

Key Features:

  • Convection/Conduction Hybrid Heating
  • Removable High-Output 18650 Battery (Not Included)
  • Eight Diffused Heating Jets
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Wide Temperature Range: 158°- 428°F (70°- 220°C)
  • Approx. 60 Second Heatup
  • Crisp, Clear OLED Display
  • Single Digit Temperature Control
  • Audio and LED Notifications
  • Stainless Steel Pad for Concentrates
  • Modular Grinder/Loader Tool
  • Integrated Chamber Tool
  • Ultra-Compact Pocket Portable

Simple to Operate:
The Vivant Alternate’s heating chamber is accessed by twisting the top section counterclockwise then lifting if. The bottom section of the included grinder can be twisted onto the chamber of your Alternate for direct loading; once attached you can use the loading tool in the bottom section of the grinder to pack your material perfectly into the chamber. The Alternate is activated and deactivated by pressing the center button at the bottom of the unit 5 times in a row. Temperature is selected using the other two buttons; once your preferred temperature is set hold the center button for a couple seconds to begin heating. After a minute at the set temperature the Alternate will enter sleep mode; you can delay the countdown by holding both temperature buttons or awaken the unit by holding the power button.

Tips and Tricks:
The Vivant Alternate’s airflow can be adjusted by raising or pushing the small green adjustment valve on the front of the unit. Sound notification volume can be adjusted or muted by holding both the power and up buttons while the unit is off. Stealth mode (no lights or sounds) is activated by holding the power and temperature down buttons while the unit is off. You can switch the temp displayed from C to F by cycling the temperature above 220C or below 70C and you can flip the display text by holding both the up and down buttons while the unit is off.

Cleaning Instructions:
The Alternate’s metal airflow assembly can be removed from the mouthpiece by unscrewing it with a coin. Once the metal airflow assembly is removed the mouthpiece can be disassembled and brushed clean or rinsed with a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water if necessary. Reassemble the mouthpiece and screw the airflow assembly back in with your coin. If you need to clean the heating chamber simply brush out any buildup or hold the unit upside down and swab it clean with an isopropyl alcohol dampened q-tip; make sure any alcohol is fully dried before using the unit.