Jam Monster (Full Line)

////Jam Monster (Full Line)

Jam Monster (Full Line)


Bottle Size: 100ml
Nicotine: 3mg

Blueberry: Buttered Toast with Blueberry Jam
Strawberry: Buttered Toast with Strawberry Jam
Blackberry: Buttered Toast with Blackberry Jam
Raspberry: Buttered Toast with Raspberry Jam
Apple: Buttered Toast with Apple Jam
Grape: Buttered Toast with Grape Jam

PB & Jam: Toast topped with peanut butter and sweet grape jam
Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple: Strawberry, watermelon, and apple with cool menthol
Ice Monster Mangerine Guava: Mango, tangerine and guava with cool menthol
Ice Monster Melon Colada: Melons, pineapples, coconut creams and cool menthol

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Blueberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, Apple Jam, Grape Jam, Blackberry Jam, Raspberry Jam, PB & Jam, Ice Monster Strawmelon Apple, Ice Monster Mangerine Guava, Ice Monster Melon Colada


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