Bottle Size : 100ml

Nicotine Level : 3mg

Khaos Apple Impact-What happens when two worlds collide? Take a beautiful shiny green apple and smash it into a bowl of the good stuff with tremendous speed. Unique and sure to leave an impact.

Khaos Banana Eruption-An unstable mix of perfectly ripe bananas, silky layers and a layer of flaky heaven, erupting into a mouth-watering banana nostalgia. Proceed with caution!!!

Khaos Coconut Collision-Like an asteroid hurling towards the earth with devastating results, the coconut here explodes into the clouds and earths crust distributing itself beautifully through the Khaos.

Khaos Grape Neutron-A marvel of science. The fresh lychee spins and swirls around its concord grape center in an eternal dance of flavor aimed at new and seasoned vapers alike! Small can defiantly be powerful.

Khaos Lemon Cobalt -Almost as rare as the element itself. This flavor is a sweet and smooth lemon center. Topped with a light fluffy cloud over a thin layer of flaky heaven.

Khaos Melon Magma-This blend is a balanced mix of cantaloupe and honeydew melons with a touch of tree fruits to throw off even the sharpest of taste buds, created slowly over time with extreme pressure. Like the magma found beneath the earths crust.