Bottle Size: 60ml Nicotine Level: 3mg KVNDI E-Liquid has landed with three flavors out of this galaxy! These flavor packed e-juices will surely take your taste buds on an outer-space adventure! Cyber Keys: Across the universe floating in the nebulas the power of all things sour is harnessed! Get ready to unlock your sour cravings with Cyber keys! A sour keys flavour that is worth jumping to lightspeed for! Galactic Bottles: Beamed down from the heart of the universe comes the most delectable gummy cola bottle flavour in all the galaxy! Sweet and fizzy with a punch of cola goodness, this flavour will kick your taste buds into overdrive! Space Peaches: At the edge of the milky way, another lifeform has crafted and bottled the fuzziest of all fuzzy peaches candy flavours! Sweet and gummy with a tart peach finish, strap in for a taste voyage like none other!